Minnesota fail to reach stadium plan deadline

Minnesota fail to reach stadium plan deadline

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On July 2, 2015

July 1 came and went without any real news for Minnesota United and their stadium plans. The league-imposed deadline didn’t yield any new news about the expansion club’s stadium situation.

The club offered to fund stadium construction in exchange for property tax relief and a sales tax break building materials. But United was unable to close the deal with the state legislature before its 2015 session concluded in mid-May.

MLS President and Deputy Commissioner Mark Abbott discussed the deadline with a local ESPN Radio station. Abbott felt it was worth going into what St. Paul brought to the table as well.

“We do want to come out and have a meeting with people in St. Paul to make sure we can make a fully informed decision,” Abbott explained. “If somebody in Minneapolis came forward with a plan that would be tremendous, because that’s what we’ve always wanted.”

A potential St. Paul site is just off the interstate, close to light rail and located less than four miles southeast of the University of Minnesota. While it is no downtown Minneapolis, it would be a decent place to house a team. Ideally, MLS would rather be in Minneapolis but for now the two sides are back at the drawing board for getting a deal done. MLS still wants this market and plans to get them into the league by 2017.

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  • Jul 8 2015
With all of these new teams coming in, does anyone know what the new homegrown player territories are? I am very curious how MLS has decided to split the New York area. And with all these MLS teams creating a second team in USL, how does that affect the home grown areas as well?