Is another expansion announcement on the way?

Is another expansion announcement on the way?

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On June 18, 2015

Nothing like burying the lede a bit in a story. In a recent post about the state of the soccer stadium for Minnesota in MLS, owner Bill McGuire had one comment that makes it sound like MLS is going to soon announce another expansion team.

“I’m not even sure I remember what Don said,” McGuire said. “But I wouldn’t get too caught up about hard deadlines. The reality is MLS is a hot commodity right now.” He said there could be another franchise announcement for another city this week.

McGuire was discussing his stadium proposal situation that has until July to sort itself out. But that last sentence in this paragraph that is deep in this article points to a potential expansion announcement on the way. I’ve poked around some of my usual circles on this but haven’t come away with any definitive answers as to how true that is or even where the announcement could be. Usually where there is smoke, there is fire in these cases. Right now, I’m getting neither. Then again, I’ve been told that MLS is holding this next round of expansion a little closer to their chest for now until they have a firm plan in place, which is slated to come later in the year.

But just for laughs, it is fun to ponder where this announcement could be. There has been some up tick in talk in Miami between David Beckham’s group and the University of Miami over a shared stadium. There is always the thought of going to Sacramento and making that movement a real thing like the league did with Orlando. Or there could be something organic growing with a place like St. Louis. Those three are the options right now in my mind should this comment about an expansion announcement be true.