MLS Commissioner to visit St. Louis

MLS Commissioner to visit St. Louis

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On May 13, 2015

I’ve been told in the past there there has been a list of cities or markets that MLS has been wanting to be in for some time now. Their pet project for the longest time was getting a team in New York and now that they are checking off some key boxes across the country with markets like Atlanta, Minneapolis and Miami (whenever that may be), the wonder continues to be about where they will go next.

I still firmly believe a market like Sacramento is a shoe-in and will eventually get their team whenever the league says ‘come on in’. Now it looks like MLS will finally be exploring their options in another desired market, St. Louis.

Reports out of the Gateway City state that MLS Commissioner Don Garber will be visiting the city next week.

Commissioner Garber and other MLS officials will meet with numerous top local officials and leaders, including Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon, St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay and Dave Peacock, who co-leads the governor’s task force that is advancing plans for a new riverfront stadium in downtown St. Louis.  Plans for the new stadium include for the accommodation of a FIFA regulation soccer pitch.

We’ve seen this before out of Garber and his office. A couple years ago he made a visit to Orlando to explore that market and look what has happened since. If there is enough local support and the right ownership group comes along with a plan, things could pick in a hurry with a market like St. Louis. I’ve been told that St. Louis has been high on the league’s list of markets for some time, so it doesn’t surprise me one bit to see Garber make a visit like this.


  • May 14 2015
With Garber's background at the NFL, I'm sure he still has enough inside contacts there to know what has already been decided by the NFL for which 2 teams will be moving to LA. So either he knows if the Rams are moving out, leaving a nice opportunity for soccer to move into St Louis (with a new SSS stadium needed), or he knows the Rams are staying and he needs to help make sure the new proposed NFL stadium is suitable for MLS. Now seems to be a good time to start working with local lawmakers to get things moving - since they are talking about putting up around $400M for the NFL stadium. If the Rams leave for LA, MLS could swoop in and try to get some of that funding for a SSS and use of the same waterfront land.
Dan Cunningham
  • May 17 2015
Really like this. The new pet project certainly seems to be Miami. But rather than just looking at hopeful cities, they need to be smart to not forget the product in pushing any expansion efforts –