Stadium construction could cause Minnesota and LAFC to swap places

Stadium construction could cause Minnesota and LAFC to swap places

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On March 26, 2015

One interesting tidbit of information came out of yesterday’s press conference in Minnesota. While all along we know that Atlanta, LAFC and Minnesota United FC are the next three clubs into MLS, the order may not be as cut and dry as it has always appeared.

According to, Atlanta is the only definite team for 2017 and the other two sides could swap places depending on how construction of their new stadiums go.

Atlanta’s expansion team will begin play at the facility they’ll share with the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons in 2017, and Garber said on Wednesday that the league will not have more than two expansion teams enter the league that year.

“It could be as early as 2017,” Garber said when asked by reporters when Minnesota will enter MLS. “We have a number of moving pieces. That’s part of the dynamic with a young sports league. The target is no later than ‘18 and it could be as early as 2017.”

Garber added that the timing of Minnesota’s and LAFC’s entry into the league will not be related to David Beckham’s expansion project in Miami.

“Los Angeles is coming into our league and they are either ’17 or ’18 and Minnesota will be either ’17 or ’18. It’s not related to Miami.”

This is all good info to know as it shows the league avoid going back into an unbalanced schedule again during their expansion run. The question really comes down to how quickly LA or Minnesota get a stadium in place for the start of their expansion seasons. Minnesota has a deadline of July to get things worked out and in order.