2015 MLS Season, Week 2: Quick Thoughts

2015 MLS Season, Week 2: Quick Thoughts

2015 MLS Season, Week 2: Quick Thoughts

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On March 16, 2015
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Another week in Major League Soccer is in the books. I’ve finally made my way through the games here to see what went on. Lots of goals to discuss this week until in the season opener but also a lot of officiating issues. Fun.

1. Man in the middle gets it wrong

It wasn’t just a poorly missed offside call in Dallas but a number of calls like the red card to Justin Morrow and a penalty call in Salt Lake that just stood out more on this weekend than anything else. I hate it when this happens but that is the fact of life in soccer. Some weeks the guys in the middle will just flat out get it wrong more than they get it right.

The call on Morrow was one of the worst I’ve seen in a while. Normally denial of a goal scoring opportunity – like we saw in the event of Jose Goncalves’ red against NYCFC on Sunday – warrants a red. This wasn’t the case. Morrow went to the ground to tackle the ball away from Columbus attacker Ethan Finley, causing Finley to fall. The play just wasn’t a foul. At. All.

Two weeks in to the season and the refs are already a storyline.

2. Expansion teams bring home three points

Both Orlando and NYCFC made the most of their second games in MLS. Sure Orlando was helped out by a horrible goalkeeping gaffe by Tyler Deric (the first week’s hero for Houston). But I may be more impressed with what NYCFC did on Sunday against New England. Outside of about 15 minutes, the Revs were never in this game against NYCFC. The Man City Juniors as I like to call them had complete control of this game largely in part to David Villa and Mix Diskerud. Two games and and those two gentleman have the clubs’ first and second goals ever. Talk about a return on investment.

Does this mean these two teams are the top dogs in the East? According to the standings, yes. But this is a long season folks. Both sides will still have stumbles along the way and dry spells.

3. Dallas controlling their ways without Diaz at his best

Naturally being in Dallas I am able to see a ton of what FC Dallas brings to the table. But right now there may be no other club in MLS that is capable of doing what FCD is at the moment (okay, LA probably is the only other right now that comes to mind). Oscar Pareja finds ways to tactically change his lineup from game to game without destroying the chemistry or mood of his players. He also finds ways to plug guys into the game in the second half from his bench and improve the play of the field – which is what subs really should do a lot of the times.

It is impressive to think they’re able to do this sort of thing without Mauro Diaz at his best. He was subbed in the 70th minute (or so) on Saturday after a rather dud of a game for the second straight week. Diaz wasn’t happy as he went to the bench rather pissed off. If you ask me, that was a genius move by Pareja to pull him in that manner because it will only force Diaz to come back stronger. Diaz is the type of young guy that will take the sub to heart rather than become a cancer in the locker room.

4. Nothing to worry about in Seattle

Yes this was the typical early season bad loss at home for Seattle. But I’m not sweating it and neither should the Sounder faithful. We all know that putting Brad Evans at center back was going to be a work in progress, so a game like this where Chris Wondolowski worked him to death was bound to happen. Seattle needs a smart, ball-playing center back beside Chad Marshall in the center of the defense. Evans will improve and so will the rest of the Sounder defense.

Also remember they are playing without Osvaldo Alonso here too, getting him back and healthy will be a world of difference to the Sounders defense.

5. Tifo time

NYCFC debuts with some lovely banners.


6. Best goal celebration

Okay, Kei Kamara you’ve outdone yourself with this one.