Minnesota United has inside track to MLS expansion bid

Minnesota United has inside track to MLS expansion bid

Minnesota United has inside track to MLS expansion bid

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On March 14, 2015
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The expansion race to Major League Soccer has been an exciting one lately. As the league looks to announce the next bid in the coming weeks, one group has emerged as the front-runners to secure the next expansion slot.

Sources indicate that Minnesota United’s group is expected to be granted a MLS expansion team. An announcement could come before the end of the 45-60 day period that MLS commissioner Don Garber stated a week ago.

On Thursday, Minnesota soccer website Northern Pitch reported a bid could be on the way assuming construction of a stadium is confirmed. The club already has an option in place to acquire a piece of downtown property adjacent to the Minneapolis Farmers Market, just a couple blocks from Target Field. SI.com is also reporting that the league has given United a letter of intent.

I’ve lone been supportive of United’s efforts over the NFL’s Vikings, who would have had their MLS team play in a domed NFL venue on turf. Not only does it mean MLS gets another group that is focused solely on soccer but it means it is one less venue that has fake grass.

The start time of their team could depend on how soon shovels are in the ground on the stadium construction. I would imagine MLS would want to bring them in for the 2018 season, a year after Atlanta and LAFC join the league.

Now the big question remains, will MLS stick it out with Miami and David Beckham for #24, or will they go all in with what appears to be a sure-thing with Sacramento. My gut tells me they go westward with a group that has a stadium plan in place that fits their needs and hope that they can help Beckham out down the road in Miami. MLS isn’t stopping at 24 teams in my opinion, not with the various groups stepping up these days with money and interest.

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Victor Zaragoza
  • Mar 15 2015
Well, I have this idea that I should sell to garber but since I love MLS, I'll just throw it out there. How about MLS delays LA2 for 2018, and SACRAMENTO sneaks in 2017. Sacramento and Atlanta should be ready in 2017. Then, LA2 can come in with Miami or Minneapolis in 2018. We all know LA2 and Miami need a stadium with a very good location and if they need time, then give them time. So this is what I mean, 2017= Atlanta and Sacramento, Sacramento can easily be ready. 2018= Miami and LA2, if these 2 parties come in together, it will be AMAZING. Think of their DPs, just imagine. 2019= Minneapolis and San Antonio but San Antonio looks like a market that will always be put aside due to competition. By 2019 Indy might have a stadium, San Antonio might have an expanded stadium, st.louis might have a stadium project going on, Vegas might be ready, phoenix might have something special. So technically by 2019 or 2020 MLS can easily have 26 teams. By any chance, do you have any inside information on red bull New York, I read red bull ownership is also hated in Germany. Do you see a sell coming.