San Antonio believes they are gaining momentum on MLS front

San Antonio believes they are gaining momentum on MLS front

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On March 3, 2015

It seems like it has been a little while since any form of real update on this space. February got away from me in a big way but now that we’re into March, it is regular season time!

I wanted to start out this month with a look at San Antonio and their expansion efforts. After having another decent profile friendly over the weekend with a MLS team in FC Dallas (I refuse to call that a high profile game since the weather sort of ruined its chances of being that), San Antonio is back in the discussions of MLS expansion.

The San Antonio Business Journal caught up with San Antonio owner Gordon Hartman to see where things are at with regards to getting his team into MLS.

“They are actively pursuing this, and things are moving very aggressively at the moment,” Hartman said about the firm. “This process will begin to escalate in the next month or two.”

“We are going to have numerous groups propose to us different ways they can participate in this process,” Hartman told me Monday. “That is going to happen very soon. We will pick from there and work with that group as best we can to move this to the next step.”

Again, like I’ve mentioned time and time again with MLS expansion hopefuls, this one will come down to money. San Antonio has to prove that being the 7th biggest city in American isn’t enough and that they can routinely attract big corporate sponsors, loads of attention locally and return good numbers at the gate. Most of that is already happening but having the backing behind it all is still key.

If I had to rank San Antonio with the other hopefuls right now, I’d still put them behind Sacramento and Minnesota. There is just too much momentum behind those two markets at the moment. But honestly, I still see a place for San Antonio in MLS before long. Their current league, the NASL, is struggling and they know they have to get out of it before long. So with that pressure, I think Hartman and his group will begin to be a bit louder than they have been over the last year in this process.

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  • Mar 3 2015
Not sure what you meant by the NASL is struggling. Sure they are have bumps but Indy11, Jacksonville, Tampa all doing really well. Why would you say they are in trouble? Just because of USL ambitions?