Miami group interested in temporary venue

Miami group interested in temporary venue

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On February 4, 2015

You can tell the heat has been turned up on the David Beckham-Miami deal. The former LA Galaxy captain has been reportedly positive about stadium talks in the Miami area as of late but today we’re seeing reports that local officials in Miami are pressing for the group to use a temporary venue until a stadium can be built.

The Sun Sentinel is reporting that officials in Miami want Florida International University stadium to be used as a temporary home.

Miami-Dade County Commissioners are hoping to get stalled plans for David Beckham’s Major League Soccer franchise back on track with a proposal for the team to begin play using Florida International University stadium as a temporary home.

Earlier Tuesday, the commission unanimously directed Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez to pursue the temporary stadium plan with Beckham and his backers to expedite getting the team on the field.

That is unlikely to be accepted by MLS officials, who see potential in Miami but are wary of the market because of the failure of a previous team.

The last line is super important here. MLS wants Miami in their own venue for loads of reasons. First of all, having their own stadium means less issues with scheduling. Teams with stadiums also control their revenue better as well. All things that will go a long way in helping a new Miami team be successful this time around.

Its hard to think that we’re at the one year mark since the whole Beckham-Miami thing was announced. I still think MLS made a wise move in not officially granting them an expansion slot that day, but instead saying that a stadium would get them there.

My gut still tells me we’re a long way off from seeing Miami get this expansion bid too. Too many things still need to happen in my mind and with the heat being turned up by groups in Sacramento and Minnesota, MLS is going to have a hard time turning down a good bid while this one in Miami is still hanging in limbo.

  • Holtb80

    I wish Beckham would actually look elsewhere. There are a few other markets that could seal the deal if his name were attached, St. Louis for instance. We know there’s a huge soccer following, but no one is really taking a lead on bring MLS there. Becks could land that team in a week.

    • over_there

      St. Louis just isn’t flashy enough for Becks. It has to be Miami. Maybe Vegas.