Report: Miami announcement imminent

Report: Miami announcement imminent

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On January 8, 2015

I’ve been hesitant to really talk about David Beckham and his Miami bid into MLS for a few months now. My gut feeling like I mentioned in my 2015 predictions is that the bid will ultimately fall apart and not happen at this time. I still feel that way even with this news that a stadium announcement is coming very soon.

According to sources within Miami Beckham United, announcements regarding a stadium location for the future Miami MLS soccer team are imminent. Real Estate Advisor for Miami Beckham United John Alschuler stated, “We have made very meaningful strides in the last couple of months” and that they expect “…several positive announcements in the first quarter of the next year (2015)”.

A private property deal would require no cooperation from public officials and would secure Miami’s MLS franchise. After that, minimal cooperation with the city would be required to get the stadium zoned and built. It also appears evident a private deal is in place since Miami Beckham United hasn’t engaged the County Mayor, City Mayor or any commissioners in six months.

Here is where I find this to be a tad questionable. While I have no doubts that they have been quietly working on this deal for months, getting any sort of land or space available for this kind of purpose still takes a great deal of work and cooperation to come through. Zoning with any city is one thing but there are things like noise restrictions, sewage meant for stadium, infrastructure associated with a stadium, etc. None of this is a slam dunk by any stretch.

To me, this is just Beckham and his group trying to find a positive spin on their stadium for the public in Miami. We know they want to be there and MLS would like to be there if the stadium is in the right location. But boy, there are still so many ifs that have to happen before they’ll get a team in this league.

  • TSN3

    They might be announcing to initially play at the – to be renovated – Sun Life Stadium until the new stadium is sorted? MLS always was against that but maybe pressure from the Beckham group, Univision, and other team owners wanting increased future TV money – to get the franchise started sooner, won over…

    • To be honest, I never really thought about the Univision aspect of Miami. That does change my opinion a bit thinking that they could be putting pressure on the league. Interesting.

    • over_there

      Interesting angle.