A few thoughts on Frank Lampard and NYCFC

A few thoughts on Frank Lampard and NYCFC

A few thoughts on Frank Lampard and NYCFC

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On January 5, 2015
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For the last couple of weeks the saga over Frank Lampard, New York City FC, MLS and Manchester City continues to be one giant mess. The will he stay in England or will he actually arrive in New York in March was something we knew would likely happen when the Englishman signed with NYCFC last summer.

But now that we know he won’t arrive in MLS until the summer. Some are claiming the club (both MLS and EPL) lied to the fans. Some blame MLS and how it handled it, after all they do technically own his contract once he joins the team in the summer. Others point blame at Lampard himself.

In the end, the blame can go around to all parties and be justified. Some folks lied. Others just bent the truth.

City Football Group gave every impression that Lampard had signed with New York City, and was loaned to Manchester City. We all assumed he went to Manchester on loan,  they even announced it that way.

Either way you look at it, this saga has created an unnecessary mess out of the gate for the expansion side. For starters, it already puts a strain between the fans and the ownership of the club. That is friction that a new club can not afford to create this early. Furthermore it sheds a light on how MLS needs to work on its transparency issues. One person says it was a loan to Man City, others said it was a contract. Whatever the case may be, there was a PR mess that MLS and NYCFC could have avoided had they just been a tad clearer with everyone.

Hopefully at some point in the very near future both CFG and NYCFC apologize to their fans for dragging them through all of this.  My gut tells me they will not and just hope that a lot of wins in 2015 end up being the cure all to this.

Time will tell but it is going to take a lot to repair the damage already created.