Garber: Midwest is still a priority

Garber: Midwest is still a priority

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On October 27, 2014

While news over the weekend broke about Sacramento officials heading to the Big Apple to meet with MLS executives, the league continues to push that adding a team in the Midwest as a priority for the future of the league.

MLS Commissioner Don Garber spoke to the Chicago Tribune about the expansion plans of the league recently, stating that he hopes to see another rival for the Fire soon.

“The Midwest is a priority,” MLS Commissioner Don Garber said told the Tribune on Friday. “Minneapolis is a big priority for us. We have two prospects that are hoping to join the league as soon as they can. … I’m hopeful we can resolve our lack of coverage in the Midwest with another team soon.”

The two groups in the Twin Cities continue to be one from the NFL Vikings and the other with the NASL’s United. Both host a different outlook but are equally intriguing to the league at the moment from what I am being told.

For years we heard that the South was a priority of the league but it appears that now that Orlando (2015), Atlanta (2017) and Miami (TBD) enter the league that the folks in New York are shifting their focus to other areas of the country to help fill in the map.