Thoughts and notes in the final two weeks

Thoughts and notes in the final two weeks

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On October 14, 2014

I’ve been terribly busy when it comes to updating this space anymore. The day job, the managing Big D Soccer and well…life all have gotten in the way of this place. What can I say, it happens.

So much has happened in the last couple of weeks in Major League Soccer. Between the end of the season, the playoffs ahead, the millions of drafts that MLS will go through, the CBA and of course the SuperDraft, the next few months appear to be a wild roller coaster ahead of us here.

Expansion Draft

I’ve had this thought on my brain a lot lately. Probably because I’ll be writing up soon who I think FC Dallas should be protecting but I also wonder if it is worth spending time on every team for this space like I used to do. 19ish clubs (do I even count Chivas?) is a lot. But with two new clubs coming into the mix we’re sure to have some interesting debates as to who the two clubs need to pick up.

More than likely we’ll see a load of trades happen in this draft. One thing Orlando City and NYCFC have taught me this year is that you can’t expect them to go down the same path in as an expansion team as previous clubs in their shoes. The fact that both teams already have a slew of players on their rosters today speaks to where they are potentially going with this draft. I would imagine each will pick up at the most three solid players that work out for them in 2015 and the rest will be duds that end up out of MLS or somewhere else.

Remember how things went with Vancouver and Portland? That was wild but I think these two will take the cake.

Chivas USA

Right now this is a club that is playing for so much. Their last two games are perfect examples of players that know they’ll¬†likely be playing somewhere else in 2015. This team isn’t a world beater by any stretch but it is a group of guys that are looking very determined not to go off into the sunset on a bad note as a club.

The big thing I am interested in seeing with how this shakes down is which will come first, the expansion draft or the dispersal? That order will determine so much in how the rest of the offseason could play out for all the clubs. I’m sure Orlando and NYCFC would want the dispersal draft first so one of them can get a guy like Dan Kennedy or even a gamble at Erick Torres (who by all accounts will likely be back in Mexico next year unless MLS steps up in a big way to buy his contract).


Just like with the last couple of years, the importance of this college draft is dwindling more and more. Yes, there will be about six or seven good players worth drafting but everything else in this draft will fill up USL PRO rosters or fail to even make a team period. That is just where we are going for now with the college game I’m afraid.

Now there are still players worth following in the college game. A good mix are tied to MLS clubs these days too, which is even more valuable as we dive deeper into this MLS-USL PRO agreement. I think more and more we’ll see players get drafted and spend a season, maybe two, in the USL PRO system before getting their big minutes in MLS. We have seen a ton of that this season with the rookie class in MLS. When you have a Rookie of the Year race really only be about two players it means either the class wasn’t that good in the first place (fairly true here), players were picked well above their actual value (also true) or that a slew of them got sent out on loan for the year (very, very true).

Supporters’ Shield

I may be in the minority but I really want to see both LA and Seattle in the mix on the final weekend for this trophy. Seattle can win it out right this weekend with a win but boy it would be fun to see more drama for a second straight weekend in this race.