Beckham: Miami expansion will happen

Beckham: Miami expansion will happen

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On September 10, 2014

While David Beckham and his team continue to struggle to get a stadium site worked out in Miami, the former LA Galaxy star continues to remain committed to a team in South Florida.

Speaking to Bloomberg Television’s Mark Crumpton, Beckham underlined his determination to lead MLS’s successful return to South Florida despite the recent twists in the hunt for a waterfront site for a new, soccer-specific stadium.

“Miami will happen,” said Beckham. “I said I want to bring a team here, and I will take a team to Miami. There are speed bumps along the way, and we’ve come up against those.

“I’ve been very cheeky in a way, because I’ve gone into Miami and I said, ‘OK, I want to build Old Trafford or Wembley Stadium next to Buckingham Palace’. My dream was to have our stadium on a waterfront. It’s not worked out like that, and we have alternative sites. It will happen.”

I’ve honestly lost count at the number of stadium sites that Beckham and his group have failed to land, the two biggest ones were most certainly the waterfront stadium sites around the American Airlines Center and the MiamiPort.

The league never put a deadline for Beckham and Miami to get a deal done, which continues to take up time here. Lucky for them, they still have a couple years to met the league’s goal of 24 clubs by 2020. More and more Miami looks like they will be team number 24 more than team number 23.