Jermaine Jones lands in New England thanks to blind draw

Jermaine Jones lands in New England thanks to blind draw

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On August 25, 2014
  • Jermaine Jones

Major League Soccer finally signed Jermaine Jones to a contract but how they placed him on a team was a wild ride. The Chicago Fire and the New England Revolution were both hot on the chase for the World Cup star but after some back and forth the 32-year old lands in New England thanks to a blind draw held at MLS HQ.

Here is what the New England press release had to say on the matter:

As a designated player of a certain threshold, Jones was not subject to allocation ranking for dispersal to an MLS team. The Revolution and Chicago Fire expressed an interest in Jones, and had the available salary budget and a designated player slot to accommodate him. Following a blind draw between the two clubs, Jones was assigned to the Revolution.

Yes, a blind draw. No allocation order used. No DP order used. Just a drawing of lots if you really want to boil it down.

This one was pretty unique because the Fire offered Jones a big deal but the veteran midfielder turned it down. Just as they were looking to offer more money the Revs stepped in and decided they too wanted Jones. Thus began a long pursuit of Jones for both sides. The Fire made moves last week in an effort to make room for him but that has turned out not to be a wise move for them as now they are without a big time player like Jones and are still struggling to get into the playoff hunt.

New England finally lands a defensive midfielder that can and should help push them into the playoffs this season. That area of the field has been one of their biggest weaknesses in 2014, especially during their long losing streak this summer.

Hopefully this blind draw madness will force some change in this offseason with the new CBA. It is a tad ridiculous for the league to operate in this manner.