MLS won’t go to Miami without a downtown stadium

MLS won’t go to Miami without a downtown stadium

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On July 29, 2014
  • David Beckham, Miami Expansion

The MLS to Miami expansion bid is a tricky subject. We know Don Garber and the league have basically given a handshake agreement that the city and David Beckham’s group will get a team in the event that they secure a soccer stadium. The thing is that stadium apparently needs to be located in the downtown area of Miami, a location that continues to be tough to overcome.

“Miami remains a top priority for us,” Garber told ESPN’s Alexi Lalas. “But we are mindful of the challenges we had in the past and must have the right ownership group and stadium location. David has been working to secure additional partners, all if approved, would be terrific MLS owners. David and his partners have not yet been able to secure a site that we believe provides the proper access and iconic presence that will help ensure success.

“We remain focused on a downtown Miami location, and we will not expand to Miami unless we have a downtown site for the stadium.”

There is no clear timeline for Miami set by Garber and MLS here though other than the 24 teams by 2020 time that was announced last summer. With Sacramento, San Antonio, Minnesota and now Las Vegas all making noise on the MLS expansion front, you have to wonder what kind of pressure this is really putting on Beckham and his group.