2014 World Cup Group F – Prediction

2014 World Cup Group F – Prediction

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On June 12, 2014
  • Argentina, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Group F, Iran, Nigeria

The sixth group in the 2014 World Cup may be one of the most unbalanced group in all of the tournament.

Group F

Argentina (7th in FIFA rankings) | First-place finish in CONMEBOL | 37-20-13 all-time, two-time champions

Bosnia-Herzegovina (25th) | First-place finish in UEFA Group G | first-ever appearance

Iran (37th) | First-place finish in AFC Group A | 1-6-2 all-time

Nigeria (44th) | Defeated Ethiopia 4-1 in CAF playoff | 4-8-2 all-time


Argentina vs Bosnia-Herzegovina – Top game of the group here, but Argentina will show early on how strong they are. Argentina 2, Bos-Herz 0

Iran vs Nigeria – Nigeria has to get a good result here to get out of this group, Iran is weak so it should happen. Iran 0, Nigeria 2

Argentina vs Iran – Iran has no shot here. None at all. Argentina 4, Iran 0

Bosnia-Herzegovina vs Nigeria – The one game that will decide second place. I still like what Bosnia-Herzegovina brings to the table more so than Nigeria. Bos-Herz 2, Nigeria 1

Nigeria vs Argentina – A must-win for the Nigerians here to end the group. Argentina will just continue to be too much. Argentina 2, Nigeria 0

Bosnia-Herzegovina vs Iran – Bosnia-Herzegovina has to win this one to get through, thankfully for them Iran is the weakest team in this tournament. Bos-Herz 2, Iran 1

Final Standings

Argentina 9 points

Bosnia-Herzegovina 6 points

Nigeria 3 points

Iran 0 points


  • Jun 17 2014
you were already wrong with iran being 0. They have 1 point already. Iran is not the weakest team in this group. They are second to Argentina.
  • Jun 21 2014
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