Beckham Group On To Plan C In Miami?

Beckham Group On To Plan C In Miami?

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On June 11, 2014
  • David Beckham, Miami Expansion

At one point in time it appeared that Miami was a slam dunk to get back into Major League Soccer with David Beckham leading the charge but things are starting to get real dicy there in South Beach after another stadium site was denied.

Yesterday it was reported that Beckham’s group is back to square one as their second straight stadium site was voted down in Miami.

Beckham’s plan for the FEC slip was to fill in the water and build a waterfront park that has a stadium with at least 20,000 seats. The new plan would have expanded Museum Park by more than 8 acres to make the area not only a soccer draw, but also have more park land and cafes.

The Beckham Group originally wanted to build the stadium at a site near PortMiami, but resistance from Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and other groups helped kill any plans for a stadium at PortMiami.

Beckham’s group released the following statement regarding the stadium site search:

“Miami Beckham United and City of Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado met today to discuss a path forward for bringing a Major League Soccer club to Miami. Mayor Regalado and the City Manager expressed their belief that the FEC slip is an inappropriate location for a soccer stadium.

Miami Beckham United presented a financial offer that included a privately funded stadium, fair payments for the use of the land, and zero City or County dollars. The Mayor and City Manager considered the proposal to be generous, though no negotiations took place.

Mayor Regalado and the City Manager expressed their strong desire to bring professional soccer to Miami and their deep respect for David Beckham and his partners.

Miami Beckham United will spend the coming months weighing alternatives.”

Two sites denied, on to plan C. Maybe the third time will be the charm for Beckham and his group. Some folks are calling for MLS to move on from Miami already but I don’t see how that is possible at this time.