2014 MLS Season, Week 6: What We Learned

2014 MLS Season, Week 6: What We Learned

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On April 15, 2014
  • 2014 MLS Season, 2014 Week 6

I feel in some small way that we’re finally starting to ‘cook with gas’ on this new season. Six weeks in and we are getting to really know where most teams stand here. I had every intention of posting this yesterday but that didn’t happen as you all could see.

Anyways, here are a few quick nuggets I took from this past week.

1. Dempsey means business

The more I see Clint Dempsey, the more I get excited for the World Cup. But on the same page I worry that he is peaking too soon here as well with his current pace. Either way, Dempsey is a man that is going to carry this Seattle squad for better or for worse here this season. If he goes, so will Seattle.

Right now it is working for the most part but that Sounder defense worries me here. Stefan Frei can only bail them out so many times. For me, it is coming down to the center partnership between Chad Marshall and whomever. Maybe they need more time. Maybe Sigi Schmid needs to mix things up more. I don’t know. All I know is, the eye ball test didn’t look good this past weekend in Frisco for their defense when Dallas put them under pressure. Also, teams have figured out to go at them with speed, more specifically against DeAndre Yedlin.

2. Salt Lake plays ugly but remains unbeaten

We’re down to one. Just one unbeaten left on the table, Real Salt Lake. I feel like no one is really talking about them though as the last unbeaten.

Maybe for a good reason though as good as Jeff Cassar’s team can be, they can also be slightly dreadful at times too. They’ll stretch a team out one minute but fail to create any real chances the next. Ah yes, the finishing. Great at times as well but also lacking other times. I guess the best way to put it is I just need a better sample of this club to truly know what they are made of here.

And yes, that was just me writing down something from the top of my head. Take it or leave it for what it is. I want to like RSL and hopefully they’ll convince me soon enough.

3. Toronto struggles

So no Jermain Defoe and TFC looked decent. But take away Michael Bradley and we have a different story. A massively different story. Their defense is still largely better than I ever expected them to be here this season but what we’re seeing is if they miss one or two of their main guys, they are a team that lacks a serious punch up front. Maybe it is the fact that Gilberto still hasn’t gotten used to MLS just yet here. Or maybe it is just the fact that he may be a weaker link up front than people want to admit.

Still saying all of that, this Toronto club is in much better shape than I would have thought six weeks in. It is nice to finally see what so many raved about with Kyle Bekker too.

Other quick thoughts:

– Colorado may be the biggest surprise of them all this season.

– LA is still impressive, even when they are not.