2014 MLS SuperDraft, Mock Draft: Version 2

2014 MLS SuperDraft, Mock Draft: Version 2

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On January 10, 2014
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The 2014 MLS Combine begins today, which means it is the perfect time to update the Mock Draft ahead of next week’s SuperDraft. I’ll likely update it once more after the Combine next week as we’ll know a little more about where teams are going with this draft.

*- Generation adidas player

Team Pick Player Comments
1 Christian Dean, D, California* I keep going back and forth on this pick but more and more I see United going defensive with a Generation adidas player. Dean is their best bet here as he can help them now plus give them the financial ability to continue to re-work that roster.
2 Steve Birnbaum, D, California As much as I think Philadelphia will want at least one GA player from this draft, it will be super hard for them to pass on Birnbaum here. He’ll make their defense better and provide some leadership as well.
3 Andre Blake, GK, UCONN* The Caps still have David Ousted on their roster but Blake will likely be able to compete with him on day one.
4 Schillo Tshuma, M, Maryland* The Crew need help in a few areas but getting one of the more athletic players in this draft will be tough to pass up. Throw in the GA tag and the fact that he could play opposite of Dominic Oduro and the Crew could end up having one of the quicker attacks in 2014.
5 Patrick Mullins, F, Maryland If Mullins falls this far, Dallas will be hard pressed not to grab him, even though someone like Marlon Hairston makes a little more sense.
6 Steve Neumann, M, Georgetown It may be a stretch here but I think the Union would love to snag a local kid like Neumann. Would the Union reach and take him at number 2? I doubt it but getting him here or even trading this pick and getting him a little further down in the first round seems highly likely to me at this point.
7 Eric Miller, D/M, Creighton* The Caps still need some depth and help in the back. Miller should feel the need nicely, plus seeing them snag two GAs in the first round has to help their cap situation this year.
8 Marlon Hairston, M, Louisville* Hairston is going to be an interesting case to watch this weekend in the Combine. If he shows well, I see him moving up to someone like Dallas or Columbus. Either way, if he lands here with the Fire, they’ll be getting a guy with plenty of upside.
9 Damion Lowe, D, Hartford* Lowe was a bit of a surprise signing for this year’s GA class but he has the upside that teams certainly will love out of a center back. He’s big, phyiscal and good in the air, all qualities that the Quakes look for in a player.
10 AJ Cochran, D, Wisconsin* Frank Yallop needs defensive help and snagging the last of the GAs available may be the right way to go here. Cochran is a quality defender that will do well under Yallop and his style of play.
11 Pedro Ribeiro, M, Coastal Carolina The Rapids don’t need any one position more than the next and Ribeiro may be a gamble worth taking a risk on here. If anything he’ll provide some nice depth to the attacking portion of their midfield.
12 AJ Corrado, M, Indiana He is a true playmaker, something the Revs have really lacked over the last few years.
13 JJ Koval, M, Stanford Koval is great on set piece defending and he does well at getting forward into the attack. I could see him working in the midfield nicely with Osvaldo Alonso.
14 Jared Watts, M, Wake Forest LA needs some depth at the center midfield position, mainly in the defensive mid side. Watts is a quality player from a conference (ACC) that Bruce Arena loves to pick players from.
15 Kyle Venter, D, New Mexico Venter is going to be one of the better senior defenders in this draft, and likely the second one taken after Birnbaum. Toronto needs all the help they can get in the back.
16 Grant Van De Casteele, D, Notre Dame After losing Bobby Boswell to the Re-Entry Draft, you have to believe Dominic Kinnear will go defensive with this pick. Van De Casteele has some question marks surrounding his passing game but if there is anyone that will get the best out of him, it will be Kinnear.
17 Aodhan Quinn, M, Akron Another Zip to Portland.
18 Ben Sweat, D, USF RSL need some help at left back and Sweat will be the best available player at that position here. He will be able to learn from veteran Christ Wingert and be brought along slowly like RSL typically does with rookies.
19 Mamadou Doudou Diouf, F, UCONN I still like the idea of Jay Heaps taking a bit of a flyer on Diouf with this pick. Sometimes those kinds of gambles pay off.