2014 MLS SuperDraft, Mock Draft: Version 1

2014 MLS SuperDraft, Mock Draft: Version 1

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On December 20, 2013
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Patrick Mullins could be the top pick in next month's draft. (Photo via University of Maryland Athletics/Greg Flume)

Patrick Mullins could be the top pick in next month’s draft. (Photo via University of Maryland Athletics/Greg Flume)

I’ve been slowly working on this first edition of my annual mock draft for a couple weeks now. I have to admit that I got off to a slower start this year than in years past due to life just getting in the way. But the time has come for the first edition of the annual WVHooligan.com Mock Draft.

As always, it is an early prediction of how the first round will go. We still do not know the full Generation adidas class for this year, which means this will absolutely change once that information is revealed in the coming weeks. I’m being told that we should know of that class by the end of the year. That being said, I feel fairly confident with the five or six GA class projections in this mock draft.

I will also try to update this with a second edition after Christmas, possibly between Christmas and New Years depending on how much time I have between the holidays. I will be traveling during that time, so we’ll see.

Alright, on to the reason why you clicked the link, the first edition of the 2014 MLS SuperDraft, Mock Draft.

First Round

Team Pick Player Comments
1 Patrick Mullins, F, Maryland I do still think a lot depends on who all is in the GA class but Mullins is such a sure-thing that it will be so tough for DCU to pass on him with the first pick.
2 Leo Stolz, M, UCLA* There are still some question marks surrounding the chances that he will leave UCLA early. If he does, I fully expect him to go in the top five, just way too much talent there with this German not to go early.
3 Andre Blake, GK, UCONN* The Caps still have David Ousted on their roster but Blake will likely be able to compete with him on day one.
4 Steve Birnbaum, D, California One of the better defenders in this draft. Birnbaum will step in to fill the big shoes that Chad Marshall is leaving behind.
5 Omar Holness, M, UNC* This could be a complete roll of the dice for FCD, a team that has gone defensive in the last million SuperDrafts. But Holness fills a need on the wings that this club has at the moment. Plus with the GA tag to his name, Fernando Clavijo can save a little dough for a DP.
6 Eric Miller, D/M, Creighton* This may be an early reach but the Union need help in a few spots on the field, getting someone who can play both at full back and on the wings in the midfield may be tough to pass up. Throw in the fact that he’ll have a GA-tag to name and it will make it even harder to pass on him.
7 Marlon Hairston, M, Louisville* The Caps need that box-to-box type guy in their midfield. Hairston may have some of the best potential out of anyone in this draft too.
8 Steve Neumann, M, Georgetown Some folks really question how his game will translate at the next level but I wouldn’t be shocked to see him land somewhere between 6-14 right now. His Combine performance will tell a lot about where he will go and I think the Fire will be a great landing spot for him. They have a need in their attacking midfield right now and Neumann would be a perfect fit.
9 Christian Dean, D, California* Some absolutely love the upside that this kid brings to the table. But he still has some passing issues to sort out if he wants to make the early jump. He is great on dead ball situations, which may make the Quakes smile if they land him here.
10 Kyle Venter, D, New Mexico Venter is a big, strong centerback that will be a nice addition for Frank Klopas, who has done very well in the past with defenders from the SuperDraft.
11 Jared Watts, M, Wake Forest The Rapids are solid for the most part and will be looking for some defensive midfield depth. Watts will fill the void nicely as they are looking for someone to step in right away.
12 AJ Corrado, M, Indiana He is a true playmaker, something the Revs have really lacked over the last few years.
13 JJ Koval, M, Stanford Koval is great on set piece defending and he does well at getting forward into the attack. I could see him working in the midfield nicely with Osvaldo Alonso.
14 Ben Sweat, D, USF After losing Sean Franklin, it may be wise to pick up another solid fullback in Sweat. Landing him here may also be a steal too.
15 Joe Sofia, D, UCLA Sofia help guide the Bruins to one of their best regular seasons in a long while. He is a consistent type of defender that is also good in the air for set pieces.
16 Grant Van De Casteele, D, Notre Dame After losing Bobby Boswell to the Re-Entry Draft, you have to believe Dominic Kinnear will go defensive with this pick. Van De Casteele has some question marks surrounding his passing game but if there is anyone that will get the best out of him, it will be Kinnear.
17 Aodhan Quinn, M, Akron Caleb Porter needs some depth in his attacking midfield area, it doesn’t hurt that Quinn is a guy he is very familari with too.
18 Joey Dillon, M, Georgetown They’ve lost a little bit of depth in the midfield this offseason. Dillon would be a nice person to have sitting behind Kyle Beckerman in the depth charts as he is a pure ball winner and would serve well to learn under one of the league’s best midfielders.
19 Mamadou Doudou Diouf, F, UCONN This could be a complete flyer type of pick for Jay Heaps but he needs offensive help. Diouf did not have the greatest of senior seasons but with the right help surrounding him, he could still end up being a solid player for someone in this league.



  • Dec 20 2013
I see a number of mocks predicting a DM for the Rapids, given their need of depth. You say that they need somebody to step in right away. If they re-sign Thomas, and currently have Sturgis and O'Neill (who has stated he wants to play more DM next season) I'm wondering where this belief comes from. It seems like DM isn't a real need for the Rapids from my POV.
    Drew Epperley
    • Dec 20 2013
    That is a fair comment but from what I'm hearing Thomas isn't a sure bet to re-sign. So that's why I went the DM route for them in this version. One thing to remember with this, it's early, lots can (and will) change between now and the final mock draft.
Borussia Doopmund
  • Dec 20 2013
Philly is loaded with RBs and RMs so Miller at #6 is likely lower on its list than anyone of the players (Dean, Hairston, Neumann, Watts, Venter, Sweat, Quinn) forecasted shortly after that pick.
  • Dec 22 2013
What do you think of Ribeiro from Coastal Carolina?
  • Dec 26 2013
Stop with just putting names up on the board because of there schools or previous rep. The combine will prove the players that will be picked by ability not hype