David Beckham Pushing For End of the Year Announcement

David Beckham Pushing For End of the Year Announcement

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On December 2, 2013
  • David Beckham, Miami Expansion, MLS Expansion

I’ve been mentioning this for a couple weeks now but it appears that we are headed for a David Beckham-Miami announcement by the end of the year.

ProSoccerTalk was able to grab this quote from Beckham over the weekend when he spoke to Sky Sports.

“Hopefully there will be an announcement before the new year,” Beckham said in an interview with Sky Sports in the UK. “We haven’t announced that it’s definitely going to be Miami yet but obviously I’ve been seen in Miami quite a few times. We’re getting the details right at the moment.”

I’ve been told a couple times that it may be possible for an announcement to come during the week of MLS Cup but with that being this week, it appears this announcement will be later than previously expected. Before the end of the year is now the target with most expectations on this announcement to happen before Christmas according to my sources.

We’ll still see, either way this thing will get announced soon.