2013 Rookie Watch: Status Quo On Rookie Race

2013 Rookie Watch: Status Quo On Rookie Race

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On September 24, 2013
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Can Dillon Powers take over the lead in the rookie race? (Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports)

Can Dillon Powers take over the lead in the rookie race? (Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports)

Last week I gave you my top five in the current 2013 Rookie of the Year race. I’ve decided that from here until the end of the year, I’ll continue to update that top five (or at least until my media vote goes through).

1. DeAndre Yedlin (Seattle) (no change)- I know some folks in Colorado would disagree but Yedlin still tops my list after his outing against LA. Yedlin continues to show improvement across the field and when going forward he can be dangerous in the attack.

2. Dillon Powers (Colorado) (no change)- He’s still on the edge of being number 1 in my book. Only four more games on the season to change my mind though.

3. Gyasi Zardes (LA) (up 1)- He gets a nod up one for me this week after his performance against Seattle. He had one goal taken away due to a foul off the ball. I do think his goal numbers have to improve for him to win this award this season.

4. Andrew Farrell (New England) (down 1)- He played as well as you would have expected the number 1 pick to play against the worst team in MLS.

5. Wil Trapp (Columbus (n/r) – With Toronto’s Jonathan Osorio suspended, it gave time for Trapp to move up into my top five. I’ve been very impressed lately with Trapp and what he has been able to do in the Crew midfield. They are miles better than where they were earlier this season without him there.

Here is how the rest of the rookies did in Week 30.

Week 30 Minutes:

90 DeAndre Yedlin (Seattle)
90 Chad Barson (Columbus)
90 Wil Trapp (Columbus)
90 Andrew Farrell (New England)
90 Dillion Powers (Colorado)
90 Kellyn Acosta (FC Dallas)
90 Gyasi Zardes (LA Galaxy)
90 Scott Caldwell (New England) – 1 own goal
79 Carlos Salcedo (Real Salt Lake)
78 Carlos Alvarez (Chivas USA)
59 Devon Sandoval (Real Salt Lake)
18 Deshorn Brown (Colorado)
11 Ryan Finley (Columbus)
9 Blake Smith (Montreal)
7 Kyle Bekker (Toronto)

*Made MLS Debut

Total minutes for the season:

Homegrown Players:

DeAndre Yedlin (Seattle) 2,170 minutes, 1 goal, 2 assists
Scott Caldwell (New England) 1,848 minutes, 2 assists
Armando Moreno (New York) 2 minutes
Jonathan Osorio (Toronto) 1,427 minutes, 5 goals
London Woodberry (FC Dallas) 333 minutes
Maxim Tissot (Montreal) 92 minutes
Wandrille Lefevre (Montreal) 36 minutes
Gyasi Zardes (LA Galaxy) 1,630 minutes – 3 goals, 1 assist
Carlos Salcedo (Real Salt Lake) 1,6901 minutes
Chad Barson (Columbus) 1,358 minutes
Wil Trapp (Columbus) 1,029 minutes – 1 assist
Bradlee Baladez (FC Dallas) 27 minutes
Kellyn Acosta (FC Dallas) 630 minutes
Collin Martin (DC United) 165 minutes
Michael Seaton (DC United) 13 minutes

SuperDraft picks:

#1 Andrew Farrell (New England) 2,363 minutes 1 assist
#2 Carlos Alvarez (Chivas) 1,932, 1 goal, 1 assist
#3 Kyle Bekker (Toronto  FC) 132 minutes
#4 Kekuta Manneh (Vancouver) 474 minutes, 1 goal, 1 assist
#5 Erik Hurtado (Vancouver) 483 minutes, 1 assist
#6 Deshorn Brown (Colorado) 1,936 minutes, 7 goals, 3 assists
#7 Walker Zimmerman (FC Dallas) 231 minutes – 2 goals
#8 Blake Smith (Montreal) 237 minutes – 2 goals
#9 Ryan Finley (Columbus) 308 minutes – 1 goal, 1 assist
#10 Eriq Zavaleta (Seattle) 21 minutes
#11 Dillon Powers (Colorado) 2,308 minutes, 4 goal, 5 assists
#12 John Stertzer (Real Salt Lake) 33 minutes
#13 Jason Johnson (Houston) 426 minutes – 1 goal
#16 Emery Welshman (Toronto FC) 5 minutes
#17 Taylor Kemp (DC United) 449 minutes
#19 Charlie Rugg (LA Galaxy) 151 minutes, 1 goal
#21 Donnie Smith (New England) 53 minutes
#26 Don Anding (Philadelphia) 30 minutes
#29 Devon Sandoval (Real Salt Lake) 795 minutes – 2 goals
#30 Yazid Atouba (Chicago Fire) 55 minutes
#38 Greg Cochrane (LA Galaxy) 668 minutes

Supplemental Picks:

Adam Jahn (San Jose) 940 minutes, 4 goals
Taylor Morgan (Toronto FC) 15 minutes
Leonardo Fernandes (Philadelphia) 267 minute
Michael Bustamante (New York) 7 minutes

  • Deb

    You forgot Don Anding #26 Super Draft to Union

    • Thanks Deb. I must have missed this one a while back. I’ve added him into the list.

      • Deb

        Thank you 🙂