Goodbye Supplemental Draft?

Goodbye Supplemental Draft?

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On September 13, 2013
  • Supplemental Draft

Major League Soccer is ready to shake things up yet again with their college draft. For the last couple years they have gone from a four round SuperDraft to a two round draft.

Now it appears they’ll be moving back to four rounds and doing away with the Supplemental Draft all together.

Jonathan Tannenwald of confirmed earlier this morning that the league has done away with the second draft.

Toronto FC gave up a third-round pick in the 2014 SuperDraft, which will be held here in Philadelphia in January.

I was confused when I saw this, because in recent years the SuperDraft has only had two rounds. There was a two-round supplemental draft after that, held by conference call instead of as late rounds in the SuperDraft stage show.

I’ve been told that the Supplemental Draft has been abolished, and that in 2014 the SuperDraft will return to a four-round format.

To be honest this is probably a good move on the league’s part to do away with the conference-call draft that was the Supplemental Draft. Only four players from the 2013 edition saw any time on the field. And furthermore, only eight players from the second round and Supplemental draft saw time on the field.

I wouldn’t be shocked if before long the league changes it up again and goes back to just a two round draft.