Garber: Three of Four MLS Expansion Cities Are Spoken For

Garber: Three of Four MLS Expansion Cities Are Spoken For

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On September 12, 2013
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Are the four open MLS Expansion spots already taken up? Well according to this tweet, three of the four are. Major League Soccer Commissioner Don Garber spoke to a group in Toronto yesterday and had this to offer.


Garber was speaking in Toronto yesterday at an event hosted by Wileman. Garber didn’t go into the specifics of which cities were spoken for though, which makes one believe that it could be any number of cities.

The obvious picks for two of the three are Florida based with Orlando and Miami. That we know to be pretty true given how the league will be expanding to at least Orlando in 2015 and likely Miami in 2016.

Who that third city is may be the bigger question. My sources have told me that there are a couple cities that are courting MLS heavily at the moment behind the scenes. In no particular order they are Minneapolis, Sacramento, San Antonio, and Atlanta.

Then again, this comment from Garber could just be him saying things to a crowd.


Il Luogotenente
  • Sep 12 2013
Another angle is that by declaring that only 1 spot is left, the MLS is now in a better bargaining position to demand a higher buy-in fee, better facilities, etc. The clubs that want in will feel the need to make themselves more attractive to the league than they would if 4 spots were still up in the air. That being said, I think he has left himself plenty of wiggle room with that comment when it is determined that 3 new clubs were not agreed upon at the time of the statement.
    Drew Epperley
    • Sep 12 2013
    Great point. I think it was a smart move in some way to drive up interest and the bid that will be coming in as well. That last bid will likely be one of the best of the group or at least it should be.
      • Sep 12 2013
      I agree that it's a good financial move to do it this way but as a fan I kind of hope it doesn't come down to the richest offer. nyc and Miami have the money but do they have enough passion from fans? OCFC seems to have the passion and the money. I'd rather see more small market teams who can fill their stands up for every home game. I'm rooting for San Antonio to get moved up and then see how Indy does with their new team. no point of naming all 4 teams now.