2013 MLS Season, Week 26: What We Learned

2013 MLS Season, Week 26: What We Learned

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On August 26, 2013
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Eddie Johnson and Seattle are firmly in the thick of things.

Eddie Johnson and Seattle are firmly in the thick of things. (Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports)

Amazingly there was more to this past week in Major League Soccer than the Portland-Seattle game. But yeah, that one was pretty fun to watch last night.

1. Goals galore. If there was ever a weekend to have plenty of goals, this was it. Well, mainly two games in particular had the goals as Montreal and New England both put up five big ones in their weekend encounters. Real Salt Lake put four of their own in against Columbus in a blowout win.

Montreal probably made the biggest noise of the weekend with their 5-0 beating over Houston. If there was ever a time to remind people of how good they can actually be, it was this weekend. The two goals from Marco Di Vaio helped push him up the Golden Boot race as well. Montreal now sits firmly in first place after New York and Kansas City both dropped games this weekend. About three weeks ago I wouldn’t have figured the Impact had that kind of performance in them. I swear it was wearing their third kits that did it.

New England’s statement was big as well. I jokingly said to some folks this past weekend that while I would take the Revs’ defense right now over pretty much anyone’s in the league, it was their offense that was keeping me from picking them to go to the playoffs. But how about that effort over a good Philadelphia team on Sunday. A 5-1 outburst. New England did that earlier in the year when people doubted their attack and scored a boat load over LA. Consistency is key in this league, if they can retain that form for the next two months, they’ll be a very dangerous playoff team.

2. Pesky Chivas. Yesterday got off to a fun start with the wild 3-2 win for Chivas USA over New York. Leave it to the Red Bulls to put up a stinker on the road like that. They’ve never done well on the West coast and that effort proved just how far they have to go here to become a true top contender. They have plenty of talent on both sides of the ball but when you drop games like that, it says something to me.

Good for Chivas though to score a win. Even with their season dead as it is, Erick Torres continues to show that he was worth brining over from the Chivas mothership. The kid has serious talent.

Cooper went off. (Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports)

Cooper went off. (Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports)

3. Kenny Cooper goes crazy. Has anyone ever seen even-keeled Kenny Cooper go that crazy? The dude was on the field for barely a minute on Saturday against San Jose before Victor Bernardez took him down with a challenge. The big Texan took that challenge personally as he got in the fact of Bernardez.

For those curious about that, it was Cooper’s first red card. Not just of the year but of his career with FC Dallas.

Those two had some history though as earlier this year when San Jose visited Dallas, Bernardez put in a very hard challenge near the 4th officials’ table, near a TV camera as well, and knocked Cooper out for a couple of games with a concussion.

In a way you can’t blame a guy like Cooper for getting upset over the challenge that Bernardez put in on him.

See for yourself.

4. Sounders get best of Portland. Don’t look now folks but the Seattle Sounders are here. It isn’t just Clint Dempsey that is helping them out but it is the entire team putting forth the effort to get the Sounders back in playoff contention here. Their 1-0 win over Portland on Sunday night was a showcase for the league and for the Sounders. The crowd was great, the atmosphere was as you’d expect out of 67,000+.

But at the end of it all, the Sounders proved one thing to me, they’re ready to make a run at things. I hate to be quick about a thought like that but they’re well on their way to make a big run here in the final two months.