A Thought On Relocating Chivas USA

A Thought On Relocating Chivas USA

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On August 21, 2013
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Will anyone notice if Chivas leaves LA? (Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports)

Will anyone notice if Chivas leaves LA? (Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports)

I get asked from time to time to write about relocation of a MLS team, particularly Chivas USA. Funny seeing that considering how for years the talk was always about relocating Dallas, Colorado or Kansas City. Thankfully those days are long gone and those clubs are doing well.

But these days it is all about what to do with Chivas USA.

For good reason too considering how pathetic things have gotten for that club in the Los Angeles market.  They have no English broadcast partner and no visible marketing campaign going on according to those close the team. Let’s not forget that they can only seat a smaller portion fans at the StubHub Center’s and yet they still manage to not even come close to that smaller capacity (average attendance is lower than 9,000 this year). Not to mention all the off the field events that have taken place this year with that franchise.

I get the idea of relocating Chivas USA out of Southern California. Believe me, I do. 

The thought of this for me today came out of an article from Sacramento, a new budding soccer market on the scene. A writer there argues that instead of going the expansion route to get into MLS by 2020, that the city should concentrate on getting an existing club to move there, with Chivas being that team.

It certainly is an interesting thought if someone has the money to buy this club. Jorge Vergara seems intent on getting at least $100 million for this club, due to it being in the LA market. Vergara saw that New York City FC went for $100 million as an expansion fee and he believes his club should earn at least that sum, if not more. Naturally everyone is calling him crazy for asking that price but his club is in the LA market so there is some value there. Seriously.

I’ve always argued that the league is better off having two clubs in LA for a rivalry-based reason. But having another California market on the list isn’t a bad idea either. Not to mention the relocation of a team to that area would also mean that the pending expansion spots could still go to a Midwest or Southeast city that wants a team too. Two birds with one stone in some ways.

I will say this, I am against relocation of a team and I know most within MLS are against it as well. But given how poorly things have gone this year for Chivas on and off the field, and how bad the ownership is with this club I am starting to think that the league would cut their losses and move them before long. If they could move them within LA they would do so first but if a good enough bid came from a town in California like Sacramento, I think they would be hard pressed not to give it serious consideration.

I’m sure most of you will say to relocate them right away. But relocation is a serious matter in sports. It is a tread lightly kind of matter. Sports leagues hate doing it, owners hate voting for it, and there are always going to be fans that are upset over it. But in this case, Chivas is certainly making it hard not to want them out of their current situation in a hurry.

  • this guy

    if Sac-town does get a MLS team, I’d rather them go the relocation route and like this article is about, Chivas is the best option. then again, if it were to happen, what would the new owner really be getting? I’m sure that team would be stripped down to the bare bones out of spite and greed, so basically they’d be starting from nothing just like an expansion team. might be worth the MLS shutting it down and opening a new expansion slot.

    I don’t buy into the natural rivalry that having 2 teams in a major city creates. especially in this case. for the most part fans are going to flock to the Galaxy’s success. just like San Jose and LAG are a great rivalry I would think a team in Sacramento would eventually create rivalries with LAG and their closer counterpart, San Jose while also creating a completely new fan base. having 2 new York teams will work because… well they aren’t both in New York.

    thanks for this site and the written you put into it!

  • Adnan7631

    Chivas needs new ownership, I think that much is obvious. I think it is also obvious that the club needs to move somewhere. Be it a new city or a new place in LA, they need to get off the Galaxy’s coach and get their own place. If Chivas could get a place in LA away from the StubHub Center, they should be able to get at people who live to far from Carson to brave the traffic. Basically, they’d be getting at a new market within a market. They also have some wonderful pieces in place to do it with. The Rebano Angelino crest and line is brilliant. If the team rebranded as the Aztecs, they would hit the Latino feel, while entrenching the club in LA soccer history. If the team has to move to another city, I would prefer if they go to San Diego. MLS needs a counter for Tijuana; there are too many talented players getting sucked across the border and away from MLS. Also, a Tijuana-San Diego MLS rivalry would be rather cool.

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