2013 Rookie Watch: Consistency To Be Key In Rookie Race

2013 Rookie Watch: Consistency To Be Key In Rookie Race

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On August 20, 2013
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Kellyn Acosta (right) is starting to make an impact for FC Dallas. (Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports)

Kellyn Acosta (right) is starting to make an impact for FC Dallas. (Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports)

Minutes for rookies were a little harder to come by in Week 25. But one thing is showing through more and more as the season progresses, the more consistent minutes you play, the better your chances at a Rookie of the Year award.

I’ve been discussing the rookie race for the last couple weeks in this post. Last week it was all about Jonathan Osorio and before that there has been plenty of discussion about New England’s Andrew Farrell, Seattle’s DeAndre Yedlin and Colorado’s duo of Deshorn Brown and Dillion Powers.

This week it is time to look at a couple more guys that got a late start, that if they finish strong, could find themselves with some votes.

I’m talking about Columbus’ Wil Trapp and Chad Barson along with FC Dallas’ Kellyn Acosta. All three are Homegrown players, which is also something to point out when talking about the rookie class. Homegrown players have largely made a bigger impact this season than their SuperDraft counterparts. But that may be a piece for another day.

Barson, Trapp and Acosta are all starting to get consistent minutes for their respective clubs and it is showing well for them. I have to point out Acosta more, not only because I see him on a regular basis here in Dallas, but because the 18-year old is a special player. He has vision on the ball and the ability to do lots of things for his club. His versatile nature also is fun thing to watch progress. These three may be a tad behind the eight ball for the ROY race but they are certainly three players to watch out for in the future here.

Here is how the rest of the rookies did in Week 25.

Week 25 Minutes:

90 Jonathan Osorio (Toronto FC)
90 Andrew Farrell (New England)
90 DeAndre Yedlin (Seattle)
90 Wil Trapp (Columbus)
90 Chad Barson (Columbus)
90 Deshorn Brown (Colorado)
90 Scott Caldwell (New England)
90 Carlos Salcedo (Real Salt Lake)
89 Gyasi Zardes (LA Galaxy)
83 Kellyn Acosta (FC Dallas)
75 Dillon Powers (Colorado)
5 Eriq Zavaleta (Seattle)

*Made MLS Debut

Total minutes for the season:

Homegrown Players:

DeAndre Yedlin (Seattle) 1,630 minutes, 1 goal, 1 assist
Scott Caldwell (New England) 1,399 minutes, 1 assist
Armando Moreno (New York) 2 minutes
Jonathan Osorio (Toronto) 1,123 minutes, 5 goals
London Woodberry (FC Dallas) 333 minutes
Maxim Tissot (Montreal) 92 minutes
Wandrille Lefevre (Montreal) 36 minutes
Gyasi Zardes (LA Galaxy) 1,186 minutes – 3 goals
Carlos Salcedo (Real Salt Lake) 901 minutes
Chad Barson (Columbus) 908 minutes
Wil Trapp (Columbus) 540 minutes – 1 assist
Bradlee Baladez (FC Dallas) 27 minutes
Kellyn Acosta (FC Dallas) 190 minutes
Collin Martin (DC United) 90 minutes
Michael Seaton (DC United) 13 minutes

SuperDraft picks:

#1 Andrew Farrell (New England) 1,913 minutes 1 assist
#2 Carlos Alvarez (Chivas) 1,386, 1 goal, 1 assist
#3 Kyle Bekker (Toronto  FC) 123 minutes
#4 Kekuta Manneh (Vancouver) 339 minutes, 1 goal, 1 assist
#5 Erik Hurtado (Vancouver) 437 minutes, 1 assist
#6 Deshorn Brown (Colorado) 1,805 minutes, 5 goals, 3 assists
#7 Walker Zimmerman (FC Dallas) 231 minutes – 2 goals
#8 Blake Smith (Montreal) 228 minutes – 2 goals
#9 Ryan Finley (Columbus) 42 minutes
#10 Eriq Zavaleta (Seattle) 15 minutes
#11 Dillon Powers (Colorado) 1,948 minutes, 4 goal, 5 assists
#12 John Stertzer (Real Salt Lake) 33 minutes
#13 Jason Johnson (Houston) 168 minutes
#16 Emery Welshman (Toronto FC) 5 minutes
#17 Taylor Kemp (DC United) 449 minutes
#19 Charlie Rugg (LA Galaxy) 128 minutes, 1 goal
#21 Donnie Smith (New England) 53 minutes
#29 Devon Sandoval (Real Salt Lake) 623 minutes – 1 goal
#30 Yazid Atouba (Chicago Fire) 55 minutes
#38 Greg Cochrane (LA Galaxy) 668 minutes

Supplemental Picks:

Adam Jahn (San Jose) 935 minutes, 4 goals
Taylor Morgan (Toronto FC) 15 minutes
Leonardo Fernandes (Philadelphia) 267 minute
Michael Bustamante (New York) 5 minutes