MLS Expansion: Detroit Stadium Update

MLS Expansion: Detroit Stadium Update

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On August 14, 2013
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Rendering of a downtown Detroit stadium. (Photo via

Rendering of a downtown Detroit stadium. (Photo via

Detroit is slowly inching their way into the MLS Expansion front. Seriously, they are. reports that the Wayne County Commission will meet next Wednesday, Aug. 14 to review proposals for the partially finished jail site in downtown Detroit. The county has received five redevelopment proposals for the site, including plans for a soccer stadium from the owners of the Pontiac Silverdome.

Triple Properties, which also owns Penobscot Building and three structures adjacent to it, as well as the Silverdome, has submitted a proposal to Wayne County for a $1 billion development that would include condos, retail and a Major League Soccer stadium at the site of a failed county jail project.

Steve Apostolopoulos of Triple Properties said the 25,000-seat stadium would be for an MLS expansion franchise, though it is not immediately clear if the pro soccer league would support such an expansion. He said he also envisions a public square in front of the stadium, with a giant LED screen showing the games, as an area where people could congregate. For those curious of an example of what that could look like, Dallas’ American Airlines Center is a good example as to what Apostolopoulos is wanting to do in Detroit.

There are still plenty of factors that Detroit and any potential owners in that city have to face like actually getting this stadium built for one. I’d imagine they’d also need more investors, local ones if possible, involved to really get their expansion hopes off the ground.

I’ll still say this about Detroit, they love their sports teams there and if a stadium is built downtown, the team would do well there.