Further Growth For MLS and USL-PRO

Further Growth For MLS and USL-PRO

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On August 2, 2013
  • MLS-USL Deal

Getting more games for young players is a strategic plan that Major League Soccer is attempting to work on. Earlier this year the league joined up with the USL-PRO league to form a partnership that would help give young players a place to develop their game better.

Currently the two leagues have four clubs partnered with one another but that will soon change.

Soccer America is reporting that as many as 10 clubs could have partnerships in 2014 with several other clubs opting to do their own stand-alone clubs in the USL-Pro division.

Todd Durbin,  MLS’s executive vice president for player relations, told a gathering of reporters before Wednesday’s All-Star Game that as many as 10 clubs could have affiliations with USL PRO clubs in 2014 and a few could have stand-alone teams.

Those stand-alone teams could consist of a half a dozen or so reserve players not in the MLS club’s game-day roster picture, plus homegrown players and other players signed to fill out the team.

“The strategic path,” he said, “is to try to rotate away from the Reserve League such that we have players either participating in USL PRO through an affiliation or with a stand-alone team, hopefully by the end of 2015.”

That is big news for the development of young players in this league.