MLS Expansion: Orlando To Be Announced In October?

MLS Expansion: Orlando To Be Announced In October?

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On August 1, 2013
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Major League Soccer will be expanding again, that we know after Wednesday’s announcement during the 2013 MLS All-Star Game.

Orlando will likely be the first team announced, as they expect to start in the league in 2015.

Orlando City representatives were in Kansas City on Wednesday to meet with the league’s Board of Governors and present their expansion bid.  Multiple sources have confirmed to me that the league will announce their bid later this fall in October.

The October announcement also plays in well with the timeline that has been discussed for Orlando’s expansion hopes. Previously on the timeline was getting the bid announced in December at MLS Cup.

The expansion fee is also being reported to be $70 million as well.

There still needs to be country approval for the stadium funding but by the sound of things, it should go through this summer.

Orlando will also be asking the State of Florida for more money in 2014, which should help the building process.

I expect more details about the David Beckham-Miami expansion bid later this fall as well. Given the new timetable set by the league in their expansion process, it seems a Miami team will likely begin play in 2016 or 2017 at the latest.

Soccer America reported earlier today that Orlando City owner Flavio Augusto da Silva, does not believe that the two cities will be tied together during the expansion process. Instead, he says they will be paired with New York City FC in 2015, which make sense because it seems like adding three teams in one year would be a massive stretch even for MLS.