Get in line Oklahoma City, just get in line.

On Tuesday, new USL-Pro expansion side Oklahoma City announced the design team that would be heading up their stadium plans. ADG, Inc., a local company has been asked to design and build a soccer-specific stadium for the new team.

Once again, I love clubs that see the future and aren’t afraid to tackle it. OKC is going to start small and dream big.

Prodigal (OKC’s owner) and ADG are exploring sites to build the stadium and are engaged in discussions about long-term strategy, location and design. Initial plans for the stadium call for it to seat 7,000, with the ability to expand to 20,000, the minimum size for a franchise to be considered to earn an expansion team in North America’s best soccer league, Major League Soccer.

Yep, add OKC to the list of lower division teams out there that are planning to build a small stadium with the goal of eventually expanding it to a larger one for a MLS team.

“Part of the three-year long process to bring a USL PRO team to Oklahoma City was to explore the opportunity to build a soccer specific stadium in the metro area,” said Prodigal CEO Bob Funk Jr. “ADG has proven itself to be a company that can design and service award winning work. We look forward to working with ADG to design a stadium that can serve the needs of our USL PRO team, and also expand based on our long-term goal of bringing and MLS team to Oklahoma City.”

So yeah, they want MLS down the road but they know they have to build toward it. I like the long-term goal but yeah, OKC has a long way to go to prove their self for a MLS bid. First of all, OKC is more of a college football town than anything else. The University of Oklahoma runs the sports talk in that market with college football, after that is the NBA’s Thunder. This isn’t a crowded sports market but it certainly isn’t going to be an easy one to be the top dog in like a Salt Lake. If anything, this would be another Columbus for the league.