Don Garber Predicts More MLS Expansion

Don Garber Predicts More MLS Expansion

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On July 30, 2013
  • Don Garber, MLS Expansion


On Monday, Major League Soccer commissioner Don Garber took to Twitter to answer some fans questions during a Q&A session. The first of many questions was about MLS expansion and the Soccer Don didn’t hold back.

The Board of Governors meeting will be Wednesday morning ahead of the league’s All-Star game tomorrow night. One expansion market expected to be making a pitch is Orlando but other markets could be involved as well.

Sources tell me that the next expansion fee for a club like Orlando could be close to $70 million, that is $30 million less than what Manchester City and the New York Yankees paid for New York City FC’s expansion bid.

Meanwhile, David Beckham has been linked to businessman Marcelo Claure, who owns Bolivian team Club Bolivar. The two appear interested in Miami, where Claure’s wireless company Brightstar Corp. is based, and Beckham has said he plans to reveal his MLS intentions in the next few months.

I’ve long said that the league would get to 24 clubs before it is all said and done. But it also wouldn’t surprise me to see the league go beyond that if the right markets, owners and stadium situations presented themselves to the league.