2013 MLS Season, Week 22: Fantasy Manager Recap

2013 MLS Season, Week 22: Fantasy Manager Recap

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On July 29, 2013
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Welp, I’m back on the slide again in the MLS Fantasy Manager game. I have no one else to blame but myself for this one though as I opted not to use any transfers for the first time all season. I figured with a slew of players on my roster playing at home this past weekend that little could go wrong.

Well, I was wrong. Draws, late goals and the wrong combination of attackers (for once) left me with the game-average of 41 points on the week.


One of the biggest things I regretted right away was who I captained this week, Camilio. Only two points after having most of June and July being big weeks. Claudio Bieler and Federico Higuain were no better on the week though, leaving my attack with just seven points. But at the same time my midfield was weak and my defense didn’t bring up as many points as I would have hoped for too.

So in all a disappointing week.

How has your team been doing lately? Have you given up on the season yet or are you chugging along here?

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Rick S.
  • Aug 1 2013
The past couple of weeks have been tough for most. I have been able to limb along, just barely advancing above my opponents (because everyone has the same basic line up). Collin, Goncalves, Zusi, Wallace, Morales, Magee, Sanvezzo, Fangundez . . . I played my wildcard two weeks ago and set up my team for the next few weeks (or so I hope). I tried to forecast to week 27. I also have Powers, Sturgis, and Baptiste. I plan to play Shuttleworth over Irwin as keeper. I picked up Le Toux and Di Vaio this week. I am thinking about sitting Baptiste, Sturgis and Magee - will probably have to keep an eye on things and make a final decision right before game time. Zusi especially.