2013 MLS Season, Week 18: What We Learned

2013 MLS Season, Week 18: What We Learned

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On July 1, 2013
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San Jose found their old magic on Saturday. (Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports)

San Jose found their old magic on Saturday. (Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports)

Does anyone believe that we are four months into the season here? Seriously, June came and went in a super quick fashion which means now we’re on to July. It is time to take a quick step back and look at some of the top stories from this past weekend though in MLS before we move forward into the new month.

1. Goonie magic returns. Okay, the headlines all said the same after San Jose’s dramatic 3-2 win on Saturday night against the LA Galaxy at Stanford Stadium. “The Goonies are back!” Yeeeaaahhh…I’m not buying that entirely on the night here. Sure, two extra time goals were magical and it did spark memories of last year’s fun run by the Earthquakes but let’s be real honest for a moment, this club isn’t close to being back just yet. With 21 points after 18 games they aren’t back. But thankfully for them the bottom part of the Western Conference is slumping at the moment. LA hasn’t been LA for the last couple of months, Vancouver is hot and cold. Colorado is inconsistent. Seattle is good when they want to be.

So somehow four point separate the Quakes in 8th place from being in 4th place? Huh? Yeah. The parity of this league continues to amaze me some days when I see the standings and notice that that many teams are clumped together like this. 

But back on San Jose for a moment. I’m not buying this game being a catapult to their return to their ways of 2012. If anything this game was just another mirror of their 2012 self in that their defense struggled and when you throw 10 players forward in the final moments against a team that is struggling, you will score a goal or two. If they do this again in their next three games maybe I’ll believe again.

2. Salt Lake continues good form. How good is Real Salt Lake at the moment? Well for starters they are the first club in MLS to reach 10 wins on the season. Second of all, they just grind away results left and right here. Lastly, they’re good from top to bottom on that roster. The depth is doing just enough and the right mix of young and old just works for them.

Yet it still seems that no one is taking them as serious as they should at the moment. Sitting on a league-high 33 points, why is that? Is Javier Morales not doing enough to guide the attack? Is it because there is no stand out scorer on this team at the moment? Or is it because the defense doesn’t have the big names of the last few years to make everyone scared? What is it?

If you haven’t taken note of this RSL club, do so.

3. Montreal reminds us how human they are. The surprise result of the weekend for me was easily the 4-3 loss by the Impact at home against the Colorado Rapids. Yes, you read that scoreline correctly. Colorado beat Montreal in Montreal 4-3. That fourth goal was a stoppage-time winner too by Tony Cascio. If you missed this game, go checkout the highlights because it was a classic.

Montreal has the games-in-hand over everyone in the league (minus Seattle) but in a match that they should always win at home and given the results in their conference this weekend, dropping points at home was a big deal. It showed me that this Impact team isn’t as strong as we once though. I’m not saying that the Impact won’t continue to win games and be one of the better clubs in the league but it shows that they can be beaten.

And speaking of that, Colorado is a tough matchup for anytime that likes to play as direct as Montreal does. The Rapids gave FC Dallas fits twice this season but those games probably taught Oscar Pareja a thing or two as to how to beat the Impact. Go wide, pressure consistently and control the possession. It worked for the Rapids on Saturday.

4. Chivas USA reboot. Over the weekend Chivas USA dropped four players from their roster. Chivas USA declined contract options for  Laurent Courtois along with Miller Bolaños and waived defender Joaquín Velázquez. Forward Giovani Casillas was recalled to Guadalajara, making the afternoon pretty eventual. Now there are talks that Carlos Bocanegra is already in talks with the Southern California outfit even though the Goats sit 15th in the current MLS Allocation order.

In a Sunday report at MedioTiempo.com, Erick “El Cubo” Torres acknowledged himself that the long-rumored move to Chivas USA is about to go down, apparently on a loan from the mother ship in Mexico.

Oh fun, another loanee to the farm team. That will end well.