Unbalanced Schedules Causing Issues

Unbalanced Schedules Causing Issues

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On June 26, 2013
  • 2013 MLS Season

Major League Soccer is at 19 clubs and even when the league hits 20 in 2015 with the addition of New York City FC,  there is no guarantee that the league will go back to a balanced schedule. This is causing issues for many clubs this season as we’ve seen over the last few weeks where some clubs have international call-ups to go along with US Open Cup games in the middle of the week followed up by league games on the weekends.

But then there are clubs like Sporting KC that were off from league play between June 1 and June 22. Only a USOC game sandwiched between that span for Peter Vermes’ club. Not to mention teams like Montreal who have only played 14 games thus far and others like Seattle and LA. But then when you look at teams like Portland, Salt Lake, New York and Dallas, they’ve all had their fair share of games already this season to deal with.

FC Dallas manager Schellas Hyndman mentioned to reporters yesterday that the schedule in its current form is causing issues.

“I just wish really that the league would get into more of a balanced schedule where if you’re managing your issues, so is the opposition you’re playing. That’s the one thing that I wish they would take care of. I don’t know if they hear us loud enough,” he said. “But there are teams that haven’t played since June 1. KC didn’t play since June 1 and then now take it a step farther. They didn’t have any games without their national team players. So now we’re saying we’re going to make a fair schedule. How in the hell can it be fair when the rest of us are losing national team call-ups and stuff like that because they’re playing?

“It would be a lot easier if we had a balanced schedule. Then, we could manage even our team a little bit better because we know that they’ve got to deal with it. Portland’s coming in. They’ve got to manage their games because they played three games already counting us and now they’re coming here,” Hyndman said. “We’re both going to have to manage our rosters. Its issues we have to deal with.”

Maybe it will improve in the coming year or even in 2015 but for this season it is certainly a headache to look at.