MLS Responds To Double Expansion Reports

MLS Responds To Double Expansion Reports

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On June 7, 2013
  • 2016 MLS Expansion, Miami Expansion, MLS Expansion, Orlando Expansion

Well, it is time for Major League Soccer to respond to the recent expansion rumors of a double Florida bid.

Dan Courtemanche, executive vice president of communications for MLS spoke with the Sun Sentinel in Miami about some of the recent discussions that are going around the web.

“We eventually want to have a team in the Southeast. It provides geographical balance, and we also think a team, or potentially multiple teams, in the Southeast could be very successful,” Courtemanche said.

The article does open up the talk that the league will be discussing expansion in July, something I had mentioned would be the case in my post recently on the ‘double expansion’ in Florida. Those meetings will be handled around the time of the MLS All Star game in Kansas City.

“We’re going to start to formulate ourĀ plan for the futureĀ and potential growth for beyond 20 teams,” he said, adding, “We certainly believe that an MLS team could be very successful in both South Florida and Central Florida.”

The fun part is that the article states that Courtemanche “chuckled” at the reports earlier this week about a “double expansion” in Florida for 2016. Whether or not that means anything remains to be seen but I take that as the league acknowledging the fact that this is a real possibility and that it is likely where things are headed next in terms of expansion.

(Editor’s note: The link to the Sun Sentinel may be a tad annoying to some folks out there. Lots of “the MLS”, “an MLS team”, and things like that litter the article.)

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Victor Zaragoza
  • Jun 7 2013
First of all, i see MLS stopping at 28 teams by 2026, once USA,Canada or Mexico get world cup 2026 and even some tricky form of relegation and promotion with division 2. Hopefully by 2026, MLS can have an MLS-2, which NASL can become MLS -2 and USL Pro MLS-3. Therefore i see MLS in 2026 with 14 teams in each conference, which can help U.S. Open Cup, have inter league and every year would be different and even go to the FIFA international calendar given that MLS would warmer markets (including a winter break) WEST future expansion markets, Phoenix, las vegas, (One of these San Diego, Sacramento or San Francisco) San Antonio. MLS wont go into Austin, Omaha, Albuquerque, OKC,Tulsa, ( El Paso TX soccer city of Texas) or even another Canadian city. EAST 14 teams: Way too many markets to select from but these are my last 4 in the East, Orlando, Miami, (A NC or SC market), ATL but these are black horses in the east after Orlando, Miami are in.......... Indianapolis, St.louis, Tampa Bay and NY Cosmos if Red Bull doesn't buy them. MLS wont go into Minneapolis, Detroit, Alabama, Baltimore. So by 2026, MLS could have 13 warm markets in order to FIFA style.