New York Cosmos Still Talking With MLS

New York Cosmos Still Talking With MLS

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On June 4, 2013
  • MLS Expansion, New York Cosmos

A story that doesn’t seem to want to die huh? But hey, dreamers can dream.

The New York Cosmos announced today a new sponsorship deal with Emirates Airlines in a special press conference in New York City.

Cosmos’ club Chairman Seamus O’Brien addressed the media and was pretty darn bullish on the future of the club.

“When we do get to the top again – and trust me, we will – we will stay there long past my lifetime.”

But let’s go a step deeper here with O’Brien. When pressed about that comment, he stated that he continues to have a dialog with Major League Soccer and its commissioner Don Garber. He believes that MLS and even New York City could handle three teams in the league.

Bullish indeed.

Can New York handle three clubs? Absolutely but just not right now. The two newer clubs (Cosmos and NYCFC) need stadiums to make it work. Both have plans but neither have dirt moving at the moment.

Some will complain that the area and the league can’t afford three clubs in one city but given how the league is set up to thrive on rivalries, having three that closely connected will only improve the league in the long road in my book. Look at most leagues around the world with their major cities like New York. London in England has seven big clubs that are well supported. Munich in German has two. Rome and Milan each have two. I could keep going here.

The thing will come down to timing, money and stadiums. Get the stadiums and the right ownership with both sides and the rest will take care of itself.