Jay Heaps Answers Phone During Press Conference

Jay Heaps Answers Phone During Press Conference

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On May 26, 2013
  • Jay Heaps

You never want to be that guy in a press conference whose phone goes off in the middle of it. Some poor reporter last night in New England had that happen to him and the funnies took over from there. Kudos to New England manager Jay Heaps for playing it cool and answering the reporter’s phone.

I’m thankful to say that hasn’t happened to me but I’ve been there when things like this have happened. When the home team wins like New England did Saturday over Toronto it is easier to laugh at this and most coaches are cool about it. But had this been a bad loss, you gotta figure it could have gone south fairly quick with some coaches in this league.

The worst that has happened to me in a press conference was a text message being sent to me, thankfully the coach at that time didn’t seem to flinch when the text alert went off. I’m sure if it were a crazy tone it may have drawn more attention.