Reports: Beckham Looking at Miami

Reports: Beckham Looking at Miami

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On May 20, 2013
  • David Beckham, Miami Expansion, MLS Expansion

It didn’t take long for the David Beckham-MLS-Miami story to start picking up following the English star’s retirement from the game.’s Grant Wahl has the latest report on the matter and it is what you might expect for the post-retirement MLS ownership phase of Beckham’s career that is going to get underway here shortly.

Now that David Beckham has retired from playing, he may be looking to exercise his option to become an MLS owner sooner than later. Beckham has said he plans on becoming an MLS owner, and MLS vice-president Dan Courtemanche tells me his advisers have already discussed moving forward with the MLS. The contract specifies that Beckham would own an expansion team, not an existing team, and his expansion fee would be $25 million, below the $40 million fee that Montreal paid last year. The more people I talk to, the more I’m hearing that Miami is the city Beckham is most interested in right now.

The big item in that for most fans is the fact that he’ll get an expansion team, not an existing club. I’m fairly certain that has been the case since day one that we found out about Beckham being able to own a MLS club in the future but given the recent talk about relocating Chivas USA, some folks pondered out loud if MLS would allow Beckham and his group to have that club once they take them over.

Miami being the leading candidate for Beckham has always seemed to be the case as well. I wouldn’t sleep on some other cities out there though. You know the league will research the heck out of the potential sites out there (if they haven’t already) for Beckham. They won’t allow him to place a team in a city that won’t do well long term either. Time will tell where this all goes but like I’ve mentioned before, the Beckham-MLS-expansion train is heating up.