Rogers: “I don’t want to play in Chicago”

Rogers: “I don’t want to play in Chicago”

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On May 6, 2013
  • Features, Robbie Rogers

Last week it seemed as though all the talks were about Robbie Rogers coming back to play after his retirement was announced just a couple months ago.

As most know, Rogers’ MLS rights are held by the Chicago Fire thanks to a pre-season trade that sent those rights from Columbus to the Windy City. Rogers had joked back how he was ‘rightsless’ in MLS back at the time of the trade when he was still living in England. Now it appears he wants nothing to do with the Fire.

“I don’t want to go to Chicago,” Rogers told the Soccer Today podcast. “I think if it comes down to, ‘You can only play in Chicago,’ then I probably won’t go back. I need to do it somewhere where I’m totally 100 percent comfortable so … I would most likely do it closest to my family.”

Closer to his family ultimately means he will be going to LA to play with the LA Galaxy. That should come to no shock to anyone here. He did sound pretty positive in the interview that he would be back and given how MLS works, you know a deal with be struck between the Galaxy and the Fire for Rogers’ rights. The question will come down to it, what will the Fire be asking and what will the Galaxy be willing to give up?

My gut tells me a deal will pan out and it won’t involve any players. Likely a little allocation and a draft pick of some sort. Probably a conditional one.