During the impromptu Twitter Q&A yesterday done by MLS Commissioner Don Garber, fans began to once again probe the questions of expansion in MLS. The Soccer Don had no issues firing back his usual response to those questions, letting fans know that a second team in New York is still the priority.

Naturally fans from across the country took this chance to gage the league’s interest in their city.

One fan even asked if a 30 team league was a possibility (some day).

I’ve long said that MLS is destined to be a 24 team league for the long haul but maybe in the next 25 years we’ll see it up to 30. So many factors go into that but if the US is serious about getting a World Cup bid in 2026 now, those kind of projections don’t seem too far off in my mind. Just saying.

We didn’t see some usual suspects brought up in yesterday’s discussion. The Atlanta’s, San Antonio’s and Minnesota’s of the country didn’t make the twitter discussion but that doesn’t mean they are out of the woods here.

The focus remains New York. That much we do know. But like always it will be interesting to see what happens in Florida with Orlando in the coming months. I know the league is keeping a very close eye on that situation and I wouldn’t be shocked to see it (an expansion bit that is) happen before long down there. Just a hunch.