Herculez Gomez Trolls Don Garber

Herculez Gomez Trolls Don Garber

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On April 23, 2013
  • Don Garber, Features, Herculez Gomez

I love watching Herculez Gomez on Twitter. Against the Seattle Sounders, he was the ultimate troll.

Today MLS commissioner Don Garber was holding a live Q&A on Twitter and naturally Herc thought it would be fun to pipe in and ask a question.


Naturally, the talk ended there. Funny too. You have to give a hat tip to Gomez here for asking the question that many wonder. I mean he’s been out of MLS for a number of years now and yet his rights are still owned by Sporting KC? Given how he was paid back in 2009, he wouldn’t even be making six-figures with that ’20k’ annual raise either. HA.

MLS has some silly rules that I have a feeling even its commissioner doesn’t quite understand at times too.

I still hold a belief that Gomez will be back in MLS before long. Someone will offer him a good enough contract and while he jokes around with MLS clubs and personnel often, you can tell he probably wants to eventually come home.