Numbers Game: MLS in the CCL

Numbers Game: MLS in the CCL

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On April 11, 2013
  • CCL, CONCACAF Champions League

Numbers and stats typically do not lie.

MLS has improved in the CONCACAF Champions League each year while the teams down in Mexico continue to gobble up the trophies.

Still, we’ve come a long way in just a short time.

2008-09: 2-10-6
2009-10: 7-10-9
2010-11: 16-14-8
2011-12: 21-16-7
2012-13: 16-8-6

And yet, there is a long way to go to claim the CCL prize. But progress right? Progress.

MLS will get another chance later this fall with LA, Houston, San Jose and Sporting KC all getting a crack at the CCL. We won’t know for a few more weeks as to which Canadian club gets into the mix either but to be honest, I think all three MLS maple leaf teams are improving enough to do better in this competition as well.

I won’t get into what MLS can do to overcome the teams down in Mexico but the gap is closing with each year. Seattle proved it could best a Mexican team in a two legged series this year. And both Seattle and LA pushed two of the better Mexican teams in the semifinals at home and on the road. A win in this competition will happen soon for a MLS club. You can bank on it.