2013 MLS Season, Week 6: What We Learned

2013 MLS Season, Week 6: What We Learned

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On April 8, 2013
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Ryan Johnson lifted the Timbers to their first win of the year. ( Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports)

Ryan Johnson lifted the Timbers to their first win of the year. ( Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports)

The month of April got off to a bit of a bang in MLS. Week 6 is in the books. There were a couple surprises in the week and a couple games that ended in the manner of which most would have expected.

I feel like mixing things up a bit today for my weekend recap piece. Instead of a couple big hits, I’m going to give a couple of thoughts on each game. A real quick run through if you will. 

Sporting KC 1, D.C. United 0 

– Late goal by Claudio Bieler was just the work and effort of this SKC team not giving up on the game. Kudos for the entire team to push for a late goal and get it.

– Boy, D.C. looks to be in trouble here if their offense doesn’t get going anytime soon. Not to mention how bad their defense looked on the game’s lone goal.

– Bieler quickly making a claim for best newcomer right now with four goals in six games.

– SKC is quickly working their way back up the standings here, now in second place in the East. After the sluggish start I think this group will be just fine after watching their last two games.

Toronto FC 2, FC Dallas 2

– Once again late goals and defensive miscues hurt FC Dallas. The day this club can put together a full 90 minutes of work is the day that teams should be really afraid of them. For 80 minutes they were the better team out there on Saturday.

– Set piece scoring is going to be a big deal for Dallas in 2013. Yet another goal for Andrew Jacobson this year on a set piece. Just his 4th MLS goal ever, so in six games he’s has doubled his career MLS goal tally. Not bad. But back to the larger point on set pieces, due to Michel taking the set pieces for Dallas, the club has the chance to be real dangerous in their own offensive end similar to how Houston has been these last few years.

– Toronto has a never give up kind of attitude about them now that I really like. It comes from Ryan Nelsen and even though they were dominated for 80 minutes in this one, that spirit about them got the game turned around when they needed to the most.

Columbus 1, Philadelphia 1

– Honestly, this was one game that I saw very little of but the score didn’t shock me a single bit.

– No start for Costa Rican forward Jairo Arrieta? Really? I don’t get that line up selection there by Robert Warzycha.

– Just the little bit that I did see from this one though did make me realize two things:

– Jack McInereny is a stud in the making here. Seriously, if you aren’t watching this kid, do so now.

– Columbus does have the potential to be something special this year if they can just connect the right dots.

Colorado 1, RSL 0

– Clint Irwin ladies and gentleman. Seriously, one of the best stories of this young season is Irwin. And his PK save on Alvaro Saborio was killer.

– After watching RSL in this one with most of their key players back and the game a couple weeks ago in Dallas without them, I’ve come to the conclusion that this will be a long and potentially frustrating season for this club. Something just seems a tad off at the moment with this bunch and whether it is a missing piece or a coaching thing, I’m not sure yet. But I will say this, something just isn’t totally there right now for RSL.

– Colorado gets their first win of the year. Good for Oscar Pareja and company considering the injuries and issues they’ve had to deal with so far in this early season.

Portland 2, Houston 0

– Simple changes in the lineup by Caleb Porter got him his first win. Simple as that. The move to bring Diego Chara a little further up the field in the midfield seemed to be what the club needed. The move created space behind the forwards, an area Chara dominated.

– Ryan Johnson will do very well if things continue in this formation for the Timbers. His two goals gives me reason to believe that Timbers fans will eventually sing songs about him.

– This was a bit of a trap game for the Dynamo so the loss isn’t that surprising. No Will Bruin or Oscar Boeick Garcia certainly didn’t help either but this isn’t a loss that I would worry too much about if I were a Dynamo fan.

San Jose 1, Vancouver 1

– Chris Wondoloski strikes again. Having Alan Gordon back may have had something to do with it too.

– Bizarr time when both Gordon and Victor Bernardez had to change shoes at the same time. Just weird.

– Whitecaps forward Corey Hertzog capitalized on a scramble inside the San Jose penalty area during the whole shoe change situation. Pretty sure Bernardez would have been in that mix had his shoes been on properly at that moment.

– San Jose cried foul about the whole situation but come on, its a rule…a letter of the law even (Law 4 to be exact).

Chicago 3, New York 1

– Well, well, well. Chicago gets their first win of the season. Does that take Frank Klopas off the hot seat? Maybe for now but I’m not holding my breath that it improves it all that much in the long run.

– Nice change though to move Joel Lindpere to the wing and not play him in the middle. That worked just enough to get the offensive juices to flow in this one.

– The battle to fight back though for the Fire was nice to see. Being down early is never good but to come back and score two late ones certainly gives reason for hope.