Pretty interesting note there.

The city council in Elk Grove, Calif., voted “yes” to buy land and continue the pursuit of a $100-million soccer stadium in the Sacramento suburb, according to reports out of California’s state capital.

Northern California Soccer, an ownership group seeking bring a professional team to the area, is headed up by former California state assembly speaker and US Soccer Federation board member Fabian Nunez. The former player believes his group can lure an expansion bid his city’s way with this new facility.

“We feel very confident in our conversations with Major League Soccer, that we can bring a brand new franchise here to this city,” Nunez told Fox40.

I have to admit, Sacramento needs to be in the USL (which they will be in 2014) before they can jump straight to MLS. Getting a stadium is one thing but also having the proper ownership and fan base is a completely separate deal to contend with. They have a group in place but I doubt that they have the money to do a big player like most of the owners in MLS currently today. It will also be interesting to see what sort of fan base this USL club will get too.

Adding a forth California team would be pretty interesting as well but let’s be fair that is way down the road from today. It would give San Jose a closer rival, which isn’t a bad thing at all. But right now this appears to be a dream more than a reality. Not to be negative but talk to me again once shovels hit the ground.