MLS Expansion: Add St. Louis Back To The Mix?

MLS Expansion: Add St. Louis Back To The Mix?

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On March 20, 2013
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In a perfect MLS world, there would be a club in St. Louis.

Maybe that day will come soon enough. While MLS is focused on adding their 20th club in New York City, one group in the midwest is hoping to buy up some land in downtown St. Louis to build a new soccer stadium.

According to the business website nextSTL, Lodging Hospitality Management — a company owned by St. Louis Rams, Colorado Rapids and Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke — on Thursday closed a $20 million purchase of the historic St. Louis Union Station complex on the southwestern edge of downtown.

Their plan is to build a 20,000 seat stadium  a block from the St. Louis Blues’ Scottrade Center and about a mile west of the Cardinals’ Busch Stadium. LHM officials also seek to return train service to Union Station, build a transportation museum and rebrand at least one of the hotels.

The stadium project is said to cost right around $100 million. 

It is very interesting to hear that Kroneke is involved in this as well, given that he is already an owner of a MLS team. That being said, he does have some deep pockets and history in St. Louis with the Rams. If he can get the ball rolling on a deal like this and get the right people focused on making it happen, it would be a great addition to MLS.

This addition would not only give Sporting Kansas City a natural rival in the league but it would also give the Chicago Fire another rival as well (the St. Louis-Chicago sports rivalry is typically a good one).

We’re ages from this being a real deal but the possibility is nice to hear again out of this city.

  • DaveBrett

    Thanks for providing a link to this story. Very interesting.

  • Despite being in New York, this kind of deal sounds better than a second team in New York. I know it’s difficult in New York but enough with teams on the edge of cities! Living in Brooklyn, a stadium in Flushing Meadows is just as long a trip (by public transport at least) as Red Bull Arena. One of the big selling points was that it was in New York City itself, as opposed to in New Jersey. But Flushing Meadows is not much more convenient for the majority of New Yorkers. Having a stadium closer to the center of the city would be a plus. That’s why I like hearing about these kinds of plans.

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    I just realized that article you linked to is five months old.

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    • Geez dude, settle down, I know you’re trying to be helpful but I didn’t see the dateline when I was given that article.

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