Rookie Watch: Adam Jahn Continues To Impress

Rookie Watch: Adam Jahn Continues To Impress

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On March 12, 2013
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Adam Jahn becomes the first rookie to score in 2013. (Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports)

Adam Jahn becomes the first rookie to score in 2013. (Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports)

One resounding theme of this past week in Major League Soccer is that it is still very, very early. But so far there have been plenty of rookies that have impressed early on. Now two games out of 34 is a small sample but this rookie class is doing just enough to show that they may have the ability to be better than most would have figured them to be back at the MLS Combine.

Last week we noted that two Supplemental picks got minutes in Week 1 games, well, that trend continued in Week 2 as San Jose’s Adam Jahn got more minutes and even scored a goal. Jahn put away a nice cross late in the game from Sam Cronin and helped set up the game-winning penalty kick for Chris Wondolowski.

The club is already promoting Jahn as the newest member of the Goonies along side injured strikers Steven Lenhart and Alan Gordon. Not bad for a kid from Stanford that was picked almost last in the entire draft. 

Here is the run down of who played in Week 2 out of the rookies:

90 *Andrew Farrell (New England)
90 Deshorn Brown (Colorado)
53 *Donnie Smith (New England)
45 Dillon Powers (Colorado)
32 Yazid Atouba (Chicago Fire)
24 Adam Jahn (San Jose, 1 goal)
13 Erik Hurtado (Vancouver)
9 *John Stertzer (Real Salt Lake)
8 Kyle Bekker (Toronto FC)
3 *Jonathan Osorio (Toronto FC)
1 *Armando Moreno (New York)
1 Ryan Finley (Columbus)
*Made MLS debut.

Total minutes for the season:

Homegrown Players:

DeAndre Yedlin (Seattle) 90 minutes
Armando Moreno (New York) 1 minute
Jonathan Osorio (Toronto) 3 minutes

SuperDraft picks:

#1 Andrew Ferrell (New England) 90 minutes
#3 Kyle Bekker (Toronto  FC) 98 minutes
#4 Kekuta Manneh (Vancouver) 45 minutes
#5 Erik Hurtado (Vancouver) 27 minutes
#6 Deshorn Brown (Colorado) 173 minutes
#9 Ryan Finley (Columbus) 15 minutes
#11 Dillon Powers (Colorado) 120 minutes
#12 John Stertzer (Real Salt Lake) 9 minutes
#16 Emery Welshman (Toronto FC) 15 minutes
#21 Donnie Smith (New England) 53 minutes
#29 Devon Sandoval (Real Salt Lake) 3 minutes
#30 Yazid Atouba (Chicago Fire) 51 minutes

Supplemental Picks:

Adam Jahn (San Jose) 31 minutes, 1 goal
Taylor Morgan (Toronto FC) 15 minutes

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