A Quick Word On Power Rankings

A Quick Word On Power Rankings

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On March 6, 2013

I’ve had a few folks ask about my usual weekly MLS Power Rankings on here. Typically in the past, Tuesdays were a day set aside for the week’s updated rankings. But as you all noticed, yesterday came and went without a single mention of it.

I thought long and hard from last September through the beginning of this new season as to whether or not I would continue on with the rankings. They are a bit time consuming for one thing but also, a big one, I felt like they are a bit overdone these days. Everyone is doing it. It isn’t like I started up my blog with the idea to be the go to source for Power Rankings either. I also felt doing them the first month and the last month of the season were a bit wasteful.

Anyways, so I won’t be doing them this season. Maybe they’ll return next year but I wanted to concentrate on better things to present to you all. Like the Rookie Watch. I also do plan on doing a monthly sort of ranking so in a way they aren’t totally going away. I just felt like you could gage things better after a few weeks rather than a week-by-week deal. Not to mention I feel like I can present them better in that sense. So expect that down the road.

But if you are seriously looking for an MLS Power Rankings fix, try¬†this one from MLSSoccer.com. I could point some issues out with it but I’ll hold my breath on it for now.