MLS Issues Statement On Miami Expansion

MLS Issues Statement On Miami Expansion

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On March 5, 2013
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Time to dust this old hat off for a moment. Over the weekend there was some serious talk about MLS exploring the Miami market again for a possible expansion spot. Some folks claimed there were some talks but it turns out they were much to do about nothing.

In a statement on Monday evening, an MLS spokesperson refuted a Tweet by Grant Wahl that claimed the league was “pushing hard for Miami expansion team” with Stephen Ross, chairman of RSE Ventures and owner of the Miami Dolphins.

“We have not had any formal discussions with RSE Ventures,” the MLS spokesperson said. “We remain focused on securing a 20th team for Major League Soccer in New York, but we do believe we will have an MLS team in the Southeast at some point.

“As it relates specifically to potential Florida markets, we have had ongoing discussions with Orlando City SC about expansion in Central Florida, and we know that South Florida is one of the most passionate soccer markets in North America.”

Earlier on Monday, the Dolphins’ CEO, Mike Dee, also confirmed the absence of “formal discussions” via Twitter, while adding that the team is open to potential proposals.

So yeah, all the talk and everything yesterday about Miami was premature in some manners. I won’t go into the ifs/whats/whys/etc. on Miami as an expansion market for MLS. You can find a lot of my thoughts on Miami as a market here, here, here, or here. The short end of it all on the market in my mind is that it will work IF the right situation comes along (stadium, ownership, etc.).

  • emg117

    Yes because we know that formal talks means no talks. Seriously?

    • Yeah. Lame statement in some ways but some of my sources within the league claim that there really haven’t been any talks between the two sides. Hard to tell who is telling the truth on this matter right now and who is not.