This isn’t 100% just yet but all signs point to LIVESTRONG Sporting Park being the host of the 2013 MLS All Star Game.

How do we know this? Two things, last night Ticketmaster accidentally posted a page with information on this year’s All Star Game being in Kansas City. The page has since been taken down. I wasn’t aware of that being live until this morning when the Sports Business Journal posted this link about it.

I was tipped about it yesterday afternoon though by a colleague of mine over on the SBNation side of things. Andy Edwards of The Daily Wiz had a couple good nuggets of info on Twitter yesterday about the mid-summer game being in his backyard.


So, in my book this is a good move for the league. SKC has proven to be a good host for games in the past since LSP opened up.

Who do you want to see brought over to play MLS this summer?